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JOMOO Design Expert Opinion: Latest Bathroom Trends

Wed Feb 22 11:37:05 CST 2023 114Hits


Bathroom is one of the first and last places you go to each day. The importance of this room may have been overlooked in the past, but the pandemic made us reflect on our lives and home in recent years. The bathroom changed its role from a room of cleaning to a room of wellness and well-being. It became a room where you recuperate and relax, where you have time for your body and soul.


Having visited Salone del Mobile, the most influential living room, kitchen and bath fair in the world in Milan, Italy, we have put together some trend-led, expert-approved design advice for your kitchen and bathroom renovation this year.


Our first insight is Bold Geometry. The bold geometry is the opposite of the last 2 decades` trend of seamless shapes and filigrain ornamentation. And it's all about having massive bold elements with very geometric and reduced shapes, sometimes very colorful. These bold, round, oval or soft cube shapes all work very well together.


The next trend is Japanordic, a combination of Japanese handcrafted furnishings with minimalistic and reduced Scandinavian design that results in pieces of furniture with very fine and elegant designs and some Japanese cultural elements.


The next trend is New Art Deco. Art Deco is a style known since the 19th century, and today it's combined with rather contemporary elements creating a new style, where floral and curved shapes are combined with horizontal reduced lines.


Another trend is Architectural Flexibility. This trend is driven by users` behavior and needs when it comes to work areas. In a kitchen the work area is open when it is used, offering great accessibility to tools you need for food preparation, cooking, or clean up, and closed when you no longer need them. This movable approach allows users to keep the overall room look neat and clean.



A similar pattern we see in the living room, where today’s home office is placed. The furniture design allows you to work with comfort and when the job is done you hide your home office away, having no visual reminders of work.


At the same time, there is a trend that is the direct opposite of Architectural Flexibility - Curated Showcase. The curated showcase serves as an inspiration to others and a display of your collected pieces, allowing you to share your individuality with your guests.


It's a very open concept with slim lines that can be applied not only in the living room but also in the kitchen area, where it plays a double role in providing a good overview as well as good accessibility.

cs kitc.png

The next trend is what we call Zoning. Zoning describes separating areas according to their function. For example, a bathroom vanity has a wet area where you wash up or clean some items, and a dry area, where you do your skincare or apply cosmetics. So the same piece of furniture can have different levels to separate zones and protect things from water.

zon bath.png


In the kitchen, we can see how a combination of different materials is selected to serve different needs. Warm material, like wood, becomes a material of choice for the dining area, while the wash and food preparation area features something durable like stone.

zon kitch.png

Overall, the bathroom trends used to be a trend follower in recent years, but now it has become a trendsetter. People started to pay more attention to bathroom aesthetics and decoration. Bathrooms became bigger and bigger, with a clear trend to feature double sinks and double walk-in showers to accommodate people that do not use the bathroom alone, but together with their partners.


These trends have been dominating the interior design world recently and that`s what you should pay attention to in your upcoming renovation. In the next article, we will be discussing what colors are set to take the interior industry by storm, do not miss it.

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