Originated from deep love for water and reverence for life and adhering to the concept “Start Your Smart Life”, JOMOO is devoted to bringing people`s in-kitchen & in-bathroom experience to a new level by realizing the idea of intelligent home and building a unique kitchen & bathroom culture.

Since 1990, JOMOO has been developing rapidly and has become one of the most fast-growing and dynamic international kitchen & bathroom brands. JOMOO products are now being sold in more than 120 countries and regions, including Europe, America, the Middle East, Australia, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

Striving to be a front-runner, JOMOO takes innovation as its driving force. JOMOO has international first-class R&D centers and world-class inspection centers set up in Asia and Europe.  JOMOO closely cooperates with Giugiaro Design, the world's leading design company, to create a perfect combination of innovation, function and art, bringing the future of intelligent kitchens and bathrooms a little closer. With an all-pervading spirit, JOMOO is committed to creating products with perfection and exquisiteness. Being of extraordinary quality and adopting innovative design concepts, JOMOO products have won numbers of international, most prestigious design awards, including “iF’ and “Red Dot” Design Award.

JOMOO has always kept the environment close to heart. While on a journey to fulfilling our mission, our target is to do so while preserving natural resources and protecting the environment. We see technology as an important means to address global environmental challenges. Many of our innovations are aimed at water preservation, energy efficiency, and sustainable development.