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JOMOO Wins the German Innovation Award

Thu May 26 17:22:20 CST 2022 191Hits

The German Innovation Award is an award for user-centered added value compared to previous solutions. The event is rich in cross-industry products and solutions, ranging up to complex robotics. Recently, the German Innovation Award has released the list of winners 2022.


JOMOO Sensa Collection was honored with the award for user centricity and added value that shape the future. The Award Ceremony took place on May 24th, in Berlin, Germany. Johann Dück, Design Director of JOMOO European Operations Center, and Muya Hong, Senior UX Designer, participated in the ceremony.


Sensa Collection is a bathroom with brand-new smartness. It adjusts itself to personal preferences and analyses health needs that improve your wellness. With the help of the Auto personalized Behavior Experience smart radar, it recognizes individuals and automatically adjusts settings, such as light, sound, temperature and scent, without further user interaction. The simplicity shifts product interaction to the background while its intelligence brings a multi-sensory experience to the fore.

Earlier this year, the collection has won the iF Design Award 2022, Red Dot Design Award 2022, and the German Design Award GOLD 2022.

public line.jpg

JOMOO now holds 6 German Innovation Awards, with Voyage, M9 and Iconic Collections being awarded in 2021, GROW Suite honored with the award for Excellence in Business to Consumer in 2020, and Public Line, receiving the award in 2019.

We are incredibly proud to win such outstanding award and express our deep gratitude to our talented team of designers, engineers and partners around the globe, who participated in this journey to transform the brand vision and insights into the brand strategy and user experience.

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