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Touchless! Worriless!

Wed May 06 09:19:32 CST 2020 3152Hits

What is the most important thing to pay attention to when COVID-19 is spreading? In addition to staying at home, of course, it is to reduce the direct contact with the public facilities as much as possible.


JOMOO brings all the convenience and hygienic advantages of touchless products to you all. Let's see what we can do.

Don't let guests misunderstand your daily lifestyle when they find the yellowed urinal and the odor of incomplete flushing! 

Dirty Urinal

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JOMOO Touchless Sensor Urinal with smooth Self-Cleaning Glaze and powerful sensor flush will free your hands while eliminating your embarrassment!

For restaurants, cafeterias, shopping malls, hotels, and clubs, a clean and hygienic restroom environment will help your business. 

JOMOO products

JOMOO Touchless Flush Sensor reduces direct contact between customers and sanitary ware, to minimize the risk of cross-infection and greatly enhance their experiences.

Wash hands! Wash hands! Wash hands! 

Cut down touching possibility as well! We have to emphasize it again and again! To reduce your trouble, why not let JOMOO Touchless Sensor Faucet help you more?!

The auto on/off operations free your hands, avoid wasting excess water while washing hands and prevent cross-infection.

No one doesn’t desire to stretch his/her hand and then get what they want. JOMOO makes your dream come true! Put out your hands and get as much as you want from JOMOO Touchless Sensor Soap Dispenser!

JOMOO Touchless Sensor Series products aim at reducing touching possibilities and preventing the cross-infection effectively. We always protect your daily life carefully. Stay safe!

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