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Why Water and Faucet Body Need A "Social Distancing"?

Mon Apr 20 14:38:24 CST 2020 1864Hits
If you’re decorating a new house recently, or gonna replace your old faucets, pay attention to here -- JOMOO H2 Healthy Faucets are ready for you! 

From bathrooms to kitchens, JOMOO H2 faucets will meet your different needs. It always provides healthy and safe water for you.

H2 Lead-Free Inner Structure

Not only us, it’s necessary for water and faucet body to keep “social distancing”!


Long-time accumulation of water in the pipe and body would separate lead and other heavy metal materials out, which affect your health especially the young children’s. 

Child hurt by lead ions
Source: Internet

JOMOO H2 Healthy Faucets embrace water with safer materials made of ABS instead of metal to separate the water flow from the metal pipe and safeguard healthy water flowing by independent channel. It’s your lead-free, healthy home solution.

Two Spray Modes

Have you ever been splashed by water when washing dishes? The strong water flow is easy to clean up things but also makes trouble. 

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JOMOO faucets are designed into 2 spray modes – Powerful Spray and Bubble Spray. Switch mode as your need!

Innovative Water Spray with high pressure powerful flow can achieve complete cleaning. Utilize Bubble Spray Technology which injects air into the water stream to bring a soft washing while saving water and reducing splattering.

Premium Cartridge

The detail shows strength. Premium cartridge guarantees durability and quality.

Long-life ceramic cartridge (φ35), which JOMOO adopts, provides 1,000,000+ cycles without any quality problem.

Easy Pull-Out Design

Instead of your tiring arms, JOMOO faucets lengthen washing distance with pull-out design. Automatic pull-out makes your cleaning work fantastic.

JOMOO uses innovative EDPM braided hose with wear and high-temperature resistance especially for long-term use in humid conditions, and unique Universal Rotating Technology for a full range of cleaning and easy rinsing.

360° Swivel Spout

Every corner of your sink and basin can be cleaned thoroughly by 360° Swivel Spout, avoiding bacteria breeding.

Superior Finish

Broken coating looks terrible, meanwhile affecting the decoration of houses and causing water leakage. 

Source: Internet

JOMOO chooses perfect electroplating technique to resist scratches, corrosion and tarnishing. You can take it as a mirror even after used for many years.

Keep water and faucet body a "social distancing", enjoy our healthy and high-level life!

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