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Stay Home, Try Healthier! JOMOO Guards Your Bathroom Tour!

Mon Apr 13 11:48:02 CST 2020 1125Hits

Guess what? Even if your water smells and tastes fine, harmful chemicals could be lurking inside, especially arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury -- the main toxic metal ions which all made the World Health Organization's top 10 list of "Chemicals of Major Health Concern." JOMOO New Super-Pure Shower Filter is good at purifying water, and protecting your beauty. 

Potent Purification

Do you know that water pollution is worse than we imagine? Even in our daily water supply, there are still residual heavy metal ions, which may well influence our skin and health gradually and chronically. 

Damaged hair
Terrible bathtub
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JOMOO New Super-Pure Shower Filter adopts NSF-certified KDF55 copper-zinc alloy filter cartridge, which can effectively remove the residual chlorine in the tap water, and the rust and rich metals from rusted pipes, eliminating the hidden health risks.

Small Size & Easy to Install

A big home shower filter is a troublemaker. It not only takes too much space, also makes noises like hum hum. That won't gonna happen in JOMOO! The small size and easy-to-install gadget is just like your bathroom elf, making your bathroom tour convenient and well decorating your dull room. 

Just need a gentle twist, the purifier casing can be easily unscrewed without any tools.

Intuitive Reminder

JOMOO Filter is built in time reminder, to remind you replacing a new cartridge as you setting in time. It renewals your shower water again, and starts a fresh attitude to your life in addition. Before next time replacing the cartridge, enjoy every moment of life!

Your best filter choice -- JOMOO Super-Pure Shower Filter.

Why not take a try?

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